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"You had a bad day
You’re taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don’t know
You tell me don’t lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
You’ve seen what you like
And how does it feel for one more time
You had a bad day
You had a bad day"
- "Bad Day," Daniel Powter (via learnto-smile-again)

okay current update

so my computer is broken and that’s the reason I haven’t been here

it has been broken 4 weeks now though they promised I’ll get it back in 2-4 weeks (they said mostly it takes 2-3 weeks)

there has been problems with it, Acer refuses to take the computer there to fix it (they don’t think it’s broken though when you open the computer is only says “operating system not found”), they just sent some discs which “might help”, though I have told them a specialist, who looked at my computer first, said the hard disk is broken. 

I haven’t gotten those discs and I know they won’t even help so it’ll take probably another month until my computer is back and obviously I lost everything from there.

but yeah I have my old computer now and I thought I’ll come back after I get my baby back but since it looks like it takes still that another month, I thought I’d come back now :I

so if you want, bother Robin or Joel, I’d love to rp }

I seriously don’t feel like being here but I have absolutely nothing else so

hi }

so sorry I haven’t been here

I was away whole weekend and well

I haven’t been too active here lately but I really need a break

I’m sorry }

If I was dating you.. (FINISH IT IN MY ASK)

if you want to interact with a nice RED scout, go bother my other scout,  Joel }

noo I have only 6 more episodes of FMA

what do I do after I have watched them

my life loses its meaning again



"No’ a single person is on this world alone!" the taller scout screamed back. "Everyone, everyone, has people caring! Even one, that’s already sumtin! An’ you can’t just toss that to the trash like i’was nothin’!”

He didn’t want to scream, he didn’t want to scream, and to all people on Earth, the very least to Robin.
He had it hard enough even without this, screaming with… Well, someone Axel had thought Robin counted as his friend. But he wasn’t so sure anymore.
It could be just the rough time the darker haired scout was going trough, or… Man, he didn’t know. Axel wanted to help, wanted to be there for his friend. He wanted. Robin. To be happy. And if that mean, walking out of his life, fine. But he knew this? This was not the time he’d walk away. He knew better.
Even people who were completely broken, could be fixed, if they themselves wanted that. What was needed now was to get Robin want that.

Axel grimaced as Robin hit the wall, since that was not a good idea. But he knew that would be nitpicking. And the next in line would most probably be his skull, so… What would be the lesser evil. He wasn’t sure.
"I know I’m naive!" he yelled back when Robin started tossing his insults at him. "I know I believe in people too much! Bu’ I know people change, I know things change an’ life goes on! But I also know things are never! Completely! Hopeless!"
Heck, who was the one talking to wall here? Maybe they both were, in their own way. Neither of them wanted to hear what the other one had to say.


Then the shorter scout took out his pistol. Fuck. This got even nastier than he thought. He knew this time interrogating, invoking to emotions would not work. If he were to spread his arms and say ‘Shoot’, he knew the other would not hesitate for a second, but pull the trigger and sen him to respawn. Basically… Robin had just said he meant nothing, absolutely nothing, to the man he had once thought was one of his best friends.
He loved Robin. Like he loved all of his friends. And he didn’t want thing to go down this way. But what as there left to do anymore? What could he possibly do, him, just a simpleton from Boston, who had no knowledge of psychology whatsoever.

He knew it would have been better to pull out his own scattergun, to even try and talk some sense into that thick skull of Robin’s, but…
He was too weak. He was too weak to even try.
He looked down, calmly, and put his hands up, as sign of surrender. He raised his head. He’d hold his head high if his… Could he even call Robin his friend anymore? Even in his own head?
Whatever he was now, hold his dumb head high if he decided to shoot him, even without further provocation.

"Oh I can’t? Let me fuckin’ tell ya, I can do whateva I fuckin’ want with mah life. If I want to toss somethin’ away, I’ll fuckin’ do it. I’m sick of yer pathetic whinin’."

"Who the fuck said I’m hopeless or mah life is hopeless!? i said I’m fine, bettah than eva! So fuckin’ stop ruinin’ mah life ‘nd leave me alone!?" The scout yelled, getting more and more angry every second. "I dun wanna shoot ya - no wait, yeah I do - though then I’d be missin’ bullets which would suck but.. Fo’ the sake of our friendship, which we had long time ago, I’ll give ya ten seconds." Robin snorted and looked so, so cold and emotionless.

"Ten seconds, if yer still standin’ there after those seconds, I’ll shoot." The brunet said and held the gun with stable hand.


    did it ever occur to you

     I might be the one who’s [ afraid ] of losing you

                                                    because I’ve always been left  a l o n e ?